Green Door House

New Construction
Hamilton, Ontario

For a downtown lot, the property was generous, at 25ft x 100ft. However, designing a home for her family within the site’s constraints, which would feel spacious and be filled with light was no easy feat, even for Assembled Light’s Principal Architect, Agata Mancini. Additionally, sustainability had always been a driving factor in Agata’s desire to build a new home, so utilizing both passive environmental design techniques and advances in building material innovation – like structurally insulated panels and insulated concrete forms – played a major role in the project’s design. As did, utilizing the small site to the best of its abilities, including design a flat roof that could house a roof-top terrace, which would allow for outdoor amenities on the entirety of the site.

Since it is almost always the most sustainable option, renovation would have been preferable to building a completely new house; but, due to the neglect the original wood-frame cottage had received over its many years, along with its structural instability, the house, unfortunately, had to be demolished. Through careful demolition work, PLG Construction salvaged the home’s structural beams, wood flooring, and rubble foundation, all of which were integrated into the new home. The foundation found new life in stone landscaping and the beautiful, hundred-year-old hand-hewn beams – meticulously cleaned and refinished by CircleACarpentry – were integrated into the front canopy, the central stair, and main bookshelf, becoming the centerpieces for the home.